Keynote Clip: How Gratitude Rewires Your Brain

Corporate Training Clip: There’s a Science of Happiness?

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Testimonials from Hiring Managers

“Eric is an incredibly dynamic and engaging speaker. He captured our attention from the first moment he stepped up to the podium and his interactive content kept the energy up for 90 minutes. He worked closely with me before the talk to customize the program to fit with our goals, culture and current activities.  Eric’s knowledge of the positive psychology research and his passion really comes through in his presentation. And his real world business experience allowed him to make suggestions for change that fit well in a company as busy and growth-oriented as CFI. I highly recommend Eric as a speaker.” — Bob Verdun, President, Computerized Facility Integration, Inc, Southfield, MI

Eric’s enthusiasm and happiness comes through – we used him for a team building activity within our organization and by the end of the workshop even the cynics were on board. Happiness is contagious!” – Jennifer Landress, Sr. VP and Chief Operating Officer, BIOCOM

“Eric’s ability to synthesize and explain a decade of positive psychology research into a 2 hour presentation to our Leadership Team was masterful, engaging and fun.  His message resonated across our diverse group of managers who originate from more than 20 countries.  Their positive reactions and desire to implement Eric’s suggestions for increasing the happiness of their teams was evident during the event and validated in our post event survey.  — Don Hurford, Vice President Human Resources, Parkway Corporation

We recently brought Eric in to partner with us on an annual leadership conference we plan and execute for one of our top clients. I’ll be honest, senior leadership was initially skeptical of bringing in such “soft” content, but after Eric’s program they were impressed with the strength of the research and Eric’s ability to convey it in a fun, engaging and accessible way. One leader commented, “Best conference to date. Outside the box and hit a home run!”  — Jennifer Dryer, President, Tamayo Consulting

“We recently had the pleasure of spending a day with Eric at our YPO forum event in Colorado. It is very rare for a thought leader to successfully engage 8 super-opinionated entrepreneurs and company Presidents in a conversation about their emotional states, and the impact these have on the performance of their businesses. Eric did just that. He was smart, funny and flexible. He somehow managed to allow everyone to have a point of view, and yet keep us all on track and drive us to a high value outcome. I have no hesitation recommending Eric to other leadership groups wishing to engage in a similar conversation.”  — Peter Sheahan, President – ChangeLabs (YPO Forum member)

Testimonials from Participants

“Eric inspired us in the workshops — not only with ideas about how we could have more joy in our lives — but also by allowing us to see heartfelt enthusiasm for his own journey. I was riveted by his straightforward, interesting stories from the latest happiness research.”     – John M.

“Eric exudes energy and happiness–he’s the perfect model for what he is teaching. He also shares his imperfections, keeping the sessions realistic and nonthreatening. He shares lots of fun exercises and provocative ideas to get you thinking positively and feeling better!” — Sue L.

“I love Eric’s intelligent and grounded approach to a topic that many think is just light and fluff. Great combination of research, stories, reading and interaction. I literally feel happier and lighter right now and am excited to get home to put some suggestions into action. Great energy!” — Dr. Jenn, In the Den with Dr. Jenn  (http://www.drjennsden.com/)

“Eric’s enthusiasm and passion for this topic is obvious and infectious. His presentations are personable, friendly and based on solid research in the field. He reminds us that the objective is to improve our own happiness level, not try to reach an unobtainable endless bliss. Thanks to Eric’s program, I am more aware of the tools and opportunities I have to enhance and improve my happiness!” – Norm S.