Is this just about feeling good?August 18 , 2011

        OR “The Benefits of Living a Happier Life”

I started reading the research on positive psychology because I wanted to feel happier, to feel good more of the time.  But as I got deeper into the research, I found that “feeling good” is just the first of many exciting benefits that come from being happier.  Hundreds of controlled studies have shown that feeling happier — defined as having more positive emotions in your life — has a number of other powerful benefits:

  • More success – At the workplace, happier people and happier teams show improvement on every measurable business outcome – from productivity and profitability, to sales, customer satisfaction and 360º evaluations.
  • Health – Happier people live longer, get sick less and recover more quickly.
  • Broadened mind – Being happier widens the span of possibility making happier people more creative, receptive to new ideas and more able to see the big picture.  Positivity brings curiosity and draws you out to explore and try new things, which leads to more learning and growth.
  • Better relationships – Happier people have more and deeper connections with other people
  • More charitable – Happier people give more of their resources to help others
  • Resilience – Bad things happen to all of us.  Happier people are able to bounce back more quickly and are more likely to find benefit through the challenges that they face.
  • Infectiousness – Positive emotions are infectious.  Happier people make their family and friends happier.  They leave a wake of smiles and better outlooks wherever they go.

The science shows that positive emotions are a central component of a life worth living.  It is worth investing your time and effort to increase your share of positive emotions and tap into this rich source of benefits.

Eric Karpinski
The Happiness Coach
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