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These biweekly “Happiness Infusion” posts are the place to find key ideas and tips from the exciting science of positive psychology.  I share powerful conclusions backed by controlled studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  My goal is to make these fully accessible to those with little scientific training and succinct enough that a two-minute read will get you something thought-provoking or useful in YOUR life.

Here’s a table of contents for the Happiness Infusion Blog.  Many of these are summary posts that include links to additional content in that category.

Fundamentals of Positive Psychology

With almost 15 years of focused research on the science of happiness, there are a lot of basic things we’ve learned:

Happiness Habits

You have the power to be happier.  It starts with a few simple new habits you can bring into your life with less than 5 minutes per day.   To learn more, start here:

Making Time for Your Happiness

While the happiness habits are powerful, they’re not the only path to a happier life.  Discover more of what makes you happy and learn how to create the time you need to do more of them.

The Five Pillars of Well-Being

Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology, describes the five pillars of well-being as PERMA (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment).  Read more about each below:

Managing Negative Emotions

It’s difficult to be truly happy if you don’t know how to manage your negative emotions.  Learn how to reduce gratuitous negativity, when to fully let yourself feel authentic negative emotions and how to differentiate the two at this link:

Sleep and Happiness

Sleep and happiness are closely tied.  In these posts you’ll learn how to get the most out of your sleep time and how to manage insomnia.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Taking the time to focus on what’s happening in the present moment is a powerful tool for reducing stress, increasing happiness, focus and compassion.  These posts introduce simple meditations to start you off and contains links to further step up your efforts:

Happy reading!

Eric Karpinski
The Happiness Coach


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