About Eric



Eric Karpinski is a keynote speaker and corporate trainer.  In his Science of Happiness at Work program, he shares powerful positive psychology research that shows that happiness leads to success.  He teaches executives, managers and employees how to become happier and tap into higher productivity, more engagement and stronger relationships at work and at home.  Eric’s clients include Genentech, T-Mobile, Kaiser Permanente, TIAA, Eli Lilly, Intel, Qualcomm and many others.  He’s been a full-time positive psychology professional since 2009.

Eric trained as a scientist at Brown University and has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.  He spent a 15-year career as a management consultant, venture capitalist, and executive in the biopharma industry. He was at the juncture of business and medical science translating complex research to non-scientists in an accessible, dynamic, and thought-provoking way. He has been intensively studying positive psychology (the science of happiness) for over ten years under such luminaries as Barbara Fredrickson, Robert Biswas-Diener, Tal Ben-Shahar, Shawn Achor, Dacher Keltner and the late Chris Peterson.

Eric is a featured speaker with Shawn Achor’s company, GoodThink, Inc and is a Master Trainer with the Orange Frog, delivering positive psychology training to corporations worldwide and certifying in-house trainers.  Eric created and co-taught the Happiness Advantage Coaching Curriculum with Shawn and developed on online ReThink Stress program with Shawn and Alia Crum.

Eric is married to one of the most beautiful, strong and loving women in the world and has two children who light up his life (and challenge him!) on a regular basis. He  loves spending time outdoors – at the beach, in the desert and in the mountains, hiking and camping.  He also loves helping out at his kids’ school.  One of his greatest joy is in connecting deeply with people and helping them find more happiness and fulfillment in their lives.