Happiness Habits: A Step by Step Guide (or “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Happiness Habits, but were Afraid to Ask”)October 4 , 2012

If you’ve been following this blog over the last two months, you’ve been learning about five life habits that have been proven to sustainably increase your happiness.

Have you started one?  These habits are simple and take less than five minutes out of your day.

If you’ve been thinking about doing one of these but just haven’t stepped up to start it, NOW is the time.  Make the commitment.  I’ve pulled ALL the information about these great habits into this one post, so you won’t need to bounce around the site.  It’s all here.

Does being happier motivate you?  For many of you success-oriented folks, just increasing your happiness may seem too ephemeral to drive your behavior.  If that’s the case, then read the post below which describes how becoming happier can drive performance and achievement in every aspect of your life:

Happiness Leads To Success. Period.

Whatever your motivation for change, take a minute to read through the short descriptions of the 5 habits below.  Which one sounds most interesting and fun for you?  Pick one, click on the link to learn more and commit to it for the next 21 days.  Each post not only describes how to make positive change but the science behind the activity.

  • Happiness Habit #2, Regular Exercise.  If you are not exercising regularly, make getting that body moving a priority for the next 21 consecutive days.  Start simply – 10 minutes a day is enough.
  • Happiness Habit #5, Finding Meaning.  For 21 days in a row, write about one meaningful moment you experienced over the past 24 hours and include every detail you can remember.

While these habits are all simple to begin, the mind can play some pretty insidious tricks to try to keep you doing things the way you always do (and NOT instilling this new habit).   Learn more about what resistance your mind and body may throw at you and how sticking with 21 consecutive days of this new habit can break that resistance:

The Magic of 21 Days for Developing a New Habit.

Even sticking with 21 days can be hard.  Learn about a number of little tricks and simple tools that can help get through those initial weeks here:

Making Happiness (or Any) Habits Stick

Kicking off one of these habits for 21 days can change your happiness and optimism for months, but check out this post for how to integrate positive life-change for the long-term.

Maintaining the Happiness Boost Over the Long Haul

Your challenge:  Pick up one of these habits.  Try it for 21 days and see what happens.  You won’t regret starting down this path

Eric Karpinski

The Happiness Coach

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