14 months of Happiness Infusion Emails – Your GuideOctober 18 , 2012

I’ve been putting out this newsletter/blog for over a year covering a ton of awesome information about positive psychology and the science of happiness.  And there’s no real way to access the good stuff without clicking through week by week.  And who has time for that?

Some writers about happiness (Gretchen Rubin is one) posit that structure and order contribute to positive emotions.  There is not a lot of science to back that up, but I’m willing to test the theory;  this week, I’ll take a break from sharing new content and instead try to bring some order to this chaos.

Fundamentals of Positive Psychology

With almost 15 years of focused research on the science of happiness, there are a lot of basic things we’ve learned.  To get a good grounding on the fundamentals of this exciting science, check out these early posts:

Happiness Habits

You have the power to be happier.  You can significantly increase the amount of happiness you feel every day by integrating some simple new habits into your life.  These habits will help you feel good more of the time and usher in a huge host of benefits including better health, better relationships and more success.  To learn this powerful way to change your life, start here:

Making Time for Your Happiness

While the happiness habits are powerful, they’re not the only path to a happier life.  We all have activities that bring us joy.  In these links, you can uncover more of what makes you happy and learn how to create the time you need to do more of them.

Managing Negative Emotions

It’s difficult to be truly happy if you don’t know how to manage your negative emotions.  If you are like most of us, you bring a LOT of gratuitous negativity into your life that you can eliminate using the proven tools I share in this post.   And there are also times that you need to turn towards your negative emotions and fully experience them.  Learn how to differentiate the two at this link:

Sleep and Happiness

Sleep and happiness are closely tied.  In these posts you’ll learn how to get the most out of your sleep time.  And if having consistent quality sleep is difficult, you can learn some surprising tools for combatting insomnia here:

Mindfulness and Meditation

Taking the time to focus on what’s happening in the present moment is a powerful tool for reducing stress and increasing happiness, focus and personal insight.  This post explains a simple two-minute meditation that can get you started down a more mindful path.  And if you already have some experience with meditation and want to expand your practice, I also include links to 7 detailed posts covering different aspects of meditation:

Fourteen months of Happiness posts in one place.  Happy reading!

Eric Karpinski
The Happiness Coach

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